2 oz

Powerful resurfacing ingredients remove dead skin cells and debris from the skin’s surface, while pumice granules smooth dull and dry skin to a fresh radiant finish.

  • Contains powerful microdermabrasion resurfacing ingredients to remove dead skin cells and debris from the skin’s surface
  • Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • Improves skin tone, texture, and elasticity by smoothing dull and dry skin with non-abrasive exfoliation from pumice granules
  • Great option for pre-treatment regimen to ensure optimal results from in-office derma planing or microdermabrasion 

Sugar Cane Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Apple Fruit Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract

Sugar Cane Extract
Glycolic acid naturally present in Cane Sugar removes dead skin cells, dirt, and oil that can clog and stretch pores.

Lemon Fruit Extract
Helps to enhance the clarity and glow of the skin. Helps dry or scaly skin regain its smoothness and softness.

Apple Fruit Extract
Apple extract is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and natural acids. It's also rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that help to gently exfoliate your skin for a brighter and smoother complexion.

Green Tea Leaf Extract
Naturally rich antioxidant that provides a multitude of anti-aging skin benefits.


Resurfacing Scrub