At European Style Beauty we utilize our unique skills and training to provide our clients a custom treatment designed to meet their individual beauty needs.  For our waxing service we use a combination of soft wax and less strip wax (hard wax).
We also provide speed waxing service where we perform the entire procedure in a very brief time period if the client can handle the elevated pain threshold

Male Brazilian                                $65

Men's Full Back  or Chest            $60

Men's Half chest or stomach       $40

Men's Buttocks                               $40

(Both buttocks cheeks)      

Men's Full Legs                               $70

Men's Half Legs                              $50

Men's Full Arms (Both arms from shoulders down) $55

Men's Half Arms                             $35

Men's Underarms                           $20

Whole-body from                            $280

Men's Full Face                                $60    

Men's front Neck, sideburn -  beard     $50   


Men's Forehead                                $15

Men's Cheeks                                    $15

Men's Ears or Nose nostrils           $15

Men's Hands (including fingers)  $15

Men's Feet including toes               $15

Men's Neck  front                             $40

Men's Neck back                               $20

Men's Eyebrows                                $18


Tinting, shaping and trimming Eyebrows $35

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