Body :

1st time Brazilian waxing                  $40

Brazilian Waxing                                $55

Brazilian Membership                       $45
Women's Bikini                                   $35
Women's Buttocks                              $30
Women's Full Legs                              $59
Women's Half Legs                             $45
Women's Full Arms                            $45
Women's Half Arms                           $30
Women's Underarms                         $20
Women's Full Back                             $60

Women's Half Back or stomach       $40
Women's Full Face                              $50
Entire face area, including cheeks, chin, eyebrows, lip

Face and sideburns (does not include neck)
Face one part                                        $12    

For three or more sections                $10 
(Forehead, Cheeks, Chin, Jaw, Upper Lip, Nose Nostrils, Ears, Sideburns)                     

Women's Eyebrows                             $16

Tinting  Eyebrows  and wax              $30
Tinting Eyelashes and eyebrows, Eyebrows wax  $40

Women's Neck Either front or back   $15
Lash lift - for a natural curl look            $75

Lash lift with black tinting                   $99